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This website uses Access Keys to increase accessibility for visitors who have difficulties using a mouse or pointer tool.

By using the keyboard shortcuts below various pages on this site can be accessed without using a mouse.

Windows: use Alt+[number] then Enter to use with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 and later.
Firefox: use Shift + Alt + [number].

For example to access the home page of this site in Internet Explorer 5 or later press the keys: Alt 1 at the same time and then press Enter .

0 = Access keys (this page)
1 = Home
2 = Site Map
3 = Search
9 = Contact
/ = New Zealand Government Online web portal
[ = Content

PDF documents

Some documents on this site are Portable Document Format (PDF) files as indicated by the PDF icon. In this format you can easily save, view and print the file exactly as it was created, with the same layout, images etc.

To view PDF documents you need software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free and simple to download from the Adobe website(external link). If you have problems or want to know the basics of how to use PDFs the Adobe site has plenty of help available(external link).

Acrobat Reader program also has a help function. Click on Help from the menu bar at the top of the screen and then select Reader Guide from the drop down menu.

Viewing files

The size of a file is given in kilobytes within each link: e.g. (PDF, 141KB).

Large PDF and video files may take a while to download particularly if you are using an older computer and have a slow internet connection.

Saving a PDF file onto your computer and opening it like you would any other file can be a little faster. Your web browser or Windows help will have instructions on how to do this. If you have problems with any particular file and cannot get help from the places mentioned above, please contact us.

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