The Team Captain’s Role

As Team Captain you will inspire your colleagues and teammates (at least three of them) to save lives by giving blood. You will celebrate successes, encourage people to check that they are eligible to donate before signing up, and book appointments for the team to give blood together.

Kick off Guide

Launching Team Red at your organisation is the perfect opportunity to get people fired up about saving lives. That’s why we want to help you kick things off with a bang. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Book a blood type testing event at your workplace

We can help you get started by running a ‘What’s My Type?’ event at your workplace. A quick finger prick will tell you your own blood type so you can find out the blood types of people you can help save. Email us with your location and contact details to talk about running a blood type testing event.

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Welcome the Blood Dude

NZBS Blood Dude

When our happy Blood Dude visits your workplace, you’re guaranteed to see smiles on your colleagues’ faces. 

Contact us with your contact details and location to request a visit from Blood Dude.

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Get your leaders on board

Encourage your leaders to allow team members time during their workday to donate blood, aiming for just one to two donations a year.

Your people will only get behind Team Red if your leaders do.

Actions speak louder than words, so get them on board and share photos and stories of your managers giving blood together with the team afterwards to keep that feel good feeling going.

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Use your HR and Internal Communications teams

If you’re an organisation with multiple locations, ask your HR or Internal Communications people to help.
They may be able to support you with advertising on the intranet, posters and notice boards, newsletters and more.

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Advertise and Communicate

We have a whole range of marketing materials you can use. Your local NZBS contact can also provide resources that are personalised for your team.


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Talk to your local NZBS contact about more ways we can help launch Team Red at your organisation.

Be Proud and Celebrate!

You make the time to save the lives of loved ones around NZ, so of course you feel proud of yourself and your team members — and so do we.

  1. Talk to us about getting your organisation’s life-saving story featured on the New Zealand Blood Service website or in the Team Red newsletter. 

  2. We’ll also give you a Team Red badge for your own website for your customers to see.

  3. We love you to share photos of your Team Red members, too. By sharing your organisation’s blood giving photo on social media channels, you’ll show your customers what an amazing community minded organisation you are.

  4. We’d love to talk to you about other ways we can help you celebrate and promote your contribution, including press and media publicity. Get in touch with us today!

Reassuring first time donors

Step 1: Let them know the simple steps to expect.

Step 2: Let them know how quick, safe and simple it is.

Step 3: Encourage other donors in the team to share their positive experiences of giving blood.