Join an existing Team Red

Team Red is the perfect opportunity for donating with your work colleagues.  It is run internally by a Team Red Captain, who manages the donation process for the whole team so you can donate as one group. 

If your company has a Team Red, let the Team Red Captain know you're interested in joining and they can link you to their group.

If you no longer what to donate, or are leaving the organisation you will need to notify the Team Red Captain so they can remove you.

Joining a Team Red Challenge

A Team Red Challenge is for people who can't donate together but still want their donations to be linked to an organisation.  This is perfect for businesses that have multiple sites in different areas or shift and off-site workers.

We also recommend this option for friends and family who want to link their donations to your Team Red. 

You don't need a Team Red Captain to set this up, just follow the below instructions and let them know once it's done.

Log in at (or download our app and tap the menu button)

  1. Click ‘My Profile’
  2. Click ‘Team Red Group'
  3. Click ‘Find a team’
  4. Search for your team
  5. Click ‘Link my donations’


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