About Team Red

Team Red gives people an incredible opportunity to get together with their friends and workmates to donate blood to those in need.

How it works
Your work or organisation nominates a Team Captain to rally the troops and be the go-to Team Red contact person. You’ll need at least 3 people who are keen to roll up their sleeves and donate. 

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New Zealand Blood Service wants to make it as easy as possible for the people at your workplace or organisation to participate in the essential lifesaving activity of donating blood.

Team Red group

We’re flexible in the way we can accommodate your requirements and are pleased to offer two main alternatives to get you and your team involved:

The Donor Shuttle Service: The donor shuttle service is provided by NZBS to take donors from your place to ours. Here your team donate blood, eat a cookie, then be returned back to work.  This service is only available in main cities.

The On-Site Collection Service: The on-site collection service is when a team of staff from NZBS come to your organisation and set up in a suitable room to collect the donors blood, on-site. There is a criteria that needs to be met, please call us 0800 448 325 to see if you meet the criteria

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What’s My Type?

We can organise a New Zealand Blood Service member to stop by your workplace or organisation to quickly and simply discover your blood type with a quick finger prick test.

It serves as a great way to learn about what your blood type is and is a great way to get people interested in donating to save the lives of people with their blood type.

Contact us to book a ‘What’s My Type’ Event

Find Out More...
Team Red Brochure (pdf, 3.3 MB)
Infomation all about Team Red
Did you know (pdf, 135 KB)
Find out some fun facts about blood
Blood Donor Eligibility Criteria (pdf, 544 KB)
Find out if you're eligible to give blood
Who receives your red cells? (pdf, 5.3 MB)
Find out who receives the red cells that you donate.
All about donating blood (pdf, 493 KB)
Find out everything you need to know about giving blood.
What happens to your blood after you donate (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Find out what we do with your blood donations.
Team Red Poster (pdf, 4.7 MB)
Team Red - Get Involved (pdf, 1.9 MB)

You may need to download Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. It is available free from the Adobe site(external link).

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