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Daisy's story
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It's my honour to share my experience about blood donation. I start blood donation when I was 19 years old. That time I was a Nursing student. There was one patient who was on delivery time because of living in remote area (Nepal) not enough facilities for delivery she arrived hospital lately. When she was admitted in hospital that time was already uterus ruptured. Which was emergency condition. As soon as possible she needed to do cesarean section (CS). Doctor has prescribed to arrange 4 pints of blood (B+). But she was poor not enough money it was not possible for her to arrange blood and other medecine for CS. Me and my friends we decided to help that patient. So we collect money but to donate blood me and one of my friend has B+ blood so we are able to arrange only 2 pints of blood. By the Grace of Lord Jesus only 2 pints of blood was used. We were able to save mother but unfortunately couldn't save baby. That time I felt so good. I couldn't explain in words. From that day I decided to blood donate. Every six months I used to donate my blood. I am fit and healthy.
I encourage everyone donate your blood. You are not losing anything but you will earn your happiness and satisfaction in your life. Because of your blood you will save so many lives. God Bless you all!
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