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Lakshmi's donor story
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When I first wanted to donate blood, many people whom I personally met said, "are you crazy, you will put on more weight because you get new blood soon after", some said, "it is very painful, that long needle surely not what you wanted in your body". Being only 19 years old, I was so scared but deep inside me, I really wanted to donate blood. Few years gone, the thought of donating blood faded until one day, I was told that my dad is dying from a terminal illness. He was hospitalized and I spent most of my time with him. The hospital became my second home. I met so many patients, I hear their stories, I hear their cries, pain and sufferings. Doctors were doing a great job. I always admire the doctors and nurses because they save lives. Sometimes I hear doctors calling other hospitals for blood. There were issues where doctors couldn't do blood transfusion for some patients because there were not enough blood supply from the blood bank. I asked my dad does he feel any pain when the nurses take his blood test. He said "the pain is there but not because of the needle, its because my body is too weak to fight the pain". Since that day, I was adamant to donate my blood because like my dad, there will be others who urgently needed blood. Their pain and sufferings are greater than the pain I might endured for few minutes. I started to donate blood at the age of 26 and now I am 42 years old and made a promise to myself that I will donate blood every year unless something goes wrong with my own body where I am not eligible to donate. I felt satisfied every time I donated my blood. I always wonder where does my blood pack goes today, whose lives is saved. I never do anything great to others but I always believe, by donating my blood I can save someone's life somewhere. Donating blood is equally satisfying to giving birth to a first born. The feelings will always be the same no matter how many times I donate.
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