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Please check our Education section for the latest curriculum-aligned resources which includes Teacher notes, Graphic Organisers, Digital e-Books and a complete Resource Links library!

The following resources have also been created to aid learning in the classroom about blood, the circulatory system and what the New Zealand Blood Service does.

Health and Social Sciences Classroom activities from starters & strategies
Let's Learn About Blood - Super Heros Save Lives (pdf, 200 KB)
Let's Learn About Blood Part 1 (pdf, 463 KB)
Let's Learn About Blood Part 2 (pdf, 564 KB)

Here is an online game(external link)  where you blood type each patient and give them a blood transfusion.  Can you do it without putting the patient at risk?

Also has links to very useful information about blood typing and Karl Landsteiner who discovered the ABO Blood groups.

You may need to download Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. It is available free from the Adobe site(external link).

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