Why should I donate blood?

It isn't every day you can do something to save someone's life - but that's exactly what you do every time you donate blood. Blood is a priceless gift - a lifesaver.

Even the best trained medical personnel, using the most advanced equipment can become helpless in the event a patient needs blood.

The gift of blood can only come from another human being ...there are no substitutes.

Blood bags hanging

Blood is indeed something special. It can't be manufactured and it can't be replaced by animal blood. Yet statistics show that less than 4% of all possible donors in New Zealand actually roll their sleeves up and give each year.

Be one of those who make a real difference and donate blood every 3 months.

Giving blood doesn't just benefit recipients. Regardless of who you are, donating blood offers many benefits for donors.

It lets you:

  • Help save the life of up to 3 people with a single donation of blood
  • Make a difference in your community by helping others
  • Develop a sense of commitment to and connection with your fellow Kiwis
  • Be assured that adequate supplies of blood are available for you, as well as your family and others
  • Join a very special group of volunteers.

Read about the people whose lives have been saved by blood.

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