Why the questions, and leaflets to read, are important each time you donate.

Why do I have to read the same leaflets and answer the same questions every time I donate?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from our blood donors. Here’s why it’s important:

  • The questions and leaflets (Safe Blood Starts With You [PDF, 75 KB], and All About Donating Blood [PDF, 493 KB]) change from time to time, not often, but frequently enough that it would be very hard to keep track of who has read which version on an ongoing basis.
  • The leaflets list high risk activities and situations that might mean a donor cannot donate, so it’s essential the donor reads these every time to ensure they are not putting themselves or any patients at risk by donating. We ask these questions to ensure that it’s safe for patients to receive your blood and that it’s safe for you to donate on the day.
  • A donor’s situation may have changed since the last time they donated.  Whether it was two weeks ago for apheresis donors, or several months ago for whole blood donors.  Some individuals may be at risk of transferring infectious disease through blood donation due to exposure due to travel or other activities. Others may be at risk from donating due to changes in their health.
  • Asking all donors safety questions on the day of donation, provides an extra safety layer.
  • We know that for regular donors, asking the same questions over and over is a nuisance. However the number one priority of the Blood Service is the safety of the blood and our blood donors. Therefore we rely on our donors to be truthful and accurate with their answers and to ensure they read the material carefully before each donation.

We thank you all for your diligence and patience – and for helping to save lives!

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