Personal Identification required for Blood Donations

To ensure the highest possible standards of care and safety for our donors and recipients, it is essential that we are able to correctly identify each and every blood donor.

Regardless of if you have made one donation or a hundred, we will ask you for acceptable identification each time you donate. We will be unable to accept your donation without it.

We appreciate your time is valuable, so please review the list below to ensure you have acceptable ID with you at your next donation.

Please note expired, scanned or photocopied documents cannot be accepted.

Examples of suitable ID:

  • NZBS Blood Donor ID Card
    • This may be either the physical NZBS Donor Card or the Donor Card found on the NZBS Donor App
    • In addition you will also be asked to verbally verify your full name, date of birth and address details
  • Birth Certificate (in English)
  • Driver’s Licence (in English)
  • Passport (name and date of birth must be easily identified. Language characters will not be accepted)
  • School ID Card (must include full legal name, photo and date of birth)
    • This includes any lists provided by schools. Lists must be verified by a school official.
  • University / Polytechnic Student ID card
    • Must include the tertiary institution name or logo, full name and photo
  • Employee ID card
    • Must include the workplace name or logo, full name and photo
  • The Hospitality NZ 18+ card
  •  New Zealand Firearms Licence

Changes to Donor Names
For existing donors, where there is a change in name due to marriage or by deed poll, donors must provide evidence confirming their existing record and also provide evidence confirming their name change. Acceptable forms of documentation are:

  • Statutory name change document (for those who have changed their name by deed poll)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence

Providing this documentation will enable us to update our records. For further information, call us on 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448 325)

Your donation is so valuable to us and members of your community. 

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