Saving a life starts when you book

Most people think that saving a life starts in the donation chair, but it actually starts when you book. When you make an appointment to give blood, you become part of a lifesaving plan to make sure every hospital has exactly what they need. So when the time comes, your donation is ready to save a life.

How you can help to keep our lifesaving plan running smoothly

Book to Donate:
Make sure you always book your blood donation appointments. It allows us to plan ahead and ensure that we can provide what the hospitals need. For easy future booking, download the NZ Blood Service App from your phone’s app store. 


Let us know if things change:
We understand that life gets busy, so if you need to cancel or change your appointment, please let us know through the app or call 0800 GIVE BLOOD. This is important for all donors, so we can give your appointment to someone else and keep the plan in motion.

Understanding your appointment time:
Your allocated appointment time is the time you need to arrive at the reception of the NZ Blood donor centre or mobile blood drive. Each booking slot is approximately 60 minutes (longer for plasma donation), allowing time for you to register, meet with a nurse, give blood and enjoy some post donation recovery time.

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