These curriculum-aligned resources provide authentic engaging learning experiences about New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) topics for teachers to use with their students in the classroom. They support the NZBS aim to promote blood donation in New Zealand by:

  • encouraging and supporting teachers in developing their students’ knowledge and depth of understanding of blood topics
  • promoting the blood donor messages and the various services of NZBS to a broad group of secondary school students
  • raising awareness of the importance of blood donation in the community.

Armdonating medium

Teaching Units

This section contains units to support teachers to develop their students' knowledge and understanding of blood and blood donations.  

blood group cupcakes medium

Teaching Resources

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) provides teachers with a list of useful resources to be used in the classroom.  These resources include informational websites, videos and interactive games.  All resources are aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum.

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