Therapeutic venesection and haemochromatosis

This section provides information for health professionals about therapeutic venesection and haemochromatosis and the procedure for referring and monitoring patients.

Guidelines, referrals and information
NZBS Haemochromatosis and Therapeutic Venesection Policy (111P012) (pdf, 337 KB)
Criteria for Therapeutic Venesection (111I025) (pdf, 129 KB)
This document provides guidelines for referral of patients for venesection at an NZBS Donor Centre. Where a patient has a severe form of some health conditions NZBS may not be able to provide the treatment at a Donor Centre. The patient will then be referred back to the Clinician to consider venesection in a hospital environment.
Referral for Therapeutic Venesections (111F027) (pdf, 227 KB)
The NZBS form is provided for referral by a physician or general practitioner of patients with haemochromatosis or polycythaemia for venesection treatment.
Haemachromatosis Information (111I026) (pdf, 44 KB)
Haemochromatosis is a common hereditary condition affecting approximately 1 in 200 of the population. This information sheet provides an explanation and diagnostic guidelines for the condition.

You may need to download Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. It is available free from the Adobe site(external link).

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