Clinical guidelines and policies

This section provides information for health professionals regarding clinical guidelines associated with the use of blood components and/or products.

Clinical guidelines
NZBS Dispensing Policy (111P001) (pdf, 322 KB)
NZBS Policy on the Provision of CMV Antibody Negative Blood Components (111P067) (pdf, 119 KB)
NZBS Policy on the Use of Fresh Blood (111P074) (pdf, 144 KB)
Use of Rh(D) Immunoglobulin During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period (111G130) (pdf, 212 KB)
Rh D Immunoglobulin is commonly known as Anti-D Immunoglobulin. It is used to reduce the risk for an Rh D negative woman being immunised by red blood cells from a foetus or baby during a pregnancy or after childbirth. See also Blood Group Antibodies & Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn - A Basic Guide for Lead Maternity Providers (111I101)
NZBS Terms and Conditions Relating to Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Products (111P019) (pdf, 270 KB)
Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Product (111M019) (pdf, 359 KB)
Nonconforming blood products are those that, at the point of issue for clinical use, have not completed all of the mandatory testing and processing requirements. The supply of these products is outside our usual supply arrangements and NZBS is unable to take responsibility for the quality or safety of the product in its non-conforming state. This policy outlines the strict terms under which nonconforming products will be released.
Request from Treating Clinician for Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Product (111F019) (pdf, 146 KB)
Guidelines for the Management of Patients Refractory to Platelets (111G002) (pdf, 246 KB)
The purpose of this document is to define how patients who are truly refractory to platelet transfusions should be managed. It is based on reviews of the literature and currently accepted practice.
Blood Component Support of Rh(D) Negative Individuals (111P032) (pdf, 375 KB)
Policy for Collection and Transfusion of Granulocytes (111P049) (pdf, 138 KB)
Guidelines for the Use of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) in Renal Disease (111G081) (pdf, 248 KB)
First Edition January 2011 Guidelines for Prevention of Transfusion-Associated Graft-versus-Host Disease (TA-GVHD) (pdf, 289 KB)
These guidelines, published by the Australian and New Zealand Society Of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT), cover important procedural issues, equipment dosimetry and maintenance, and clinical indications for providing X-ray or gamma-irradiated blood components.

These blood components are provided to avoid a risk of graft-versus-host disease in a recipient who has a severe inherited or acquired cell mediated immune deficiency, or where the recipient is a close family member of a selected donor.
Dispensing of Interchangeable Blood Products (111D003) (pdf, 241 KB)
List of Fractionated Products and Recombinant Products Approved for Distribution (111D132) (pdf, 201 KB)
Management of Clinical Requests for Non-Standard Blood Components (111P011) (pdf, 129 KB)

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