Blood products: distribution, supply and dispensing

This section provides information for health professionals regarding the distribution, supply and dispensing of fractionated blood products (purified plasma protein derivatives).

Policies, guidelines and forms
NZBS Dispensing Policy (111P001) (pdf, 322 KB)
This policy outlines the systems within NZBS for dispensing medicines in a manner that complies with the requirements of the Medicines Act 1981 and the Medicines Regulations 1984.
Dispensing of Interchangeable Blood Products (111D003) (pdf, 241 KB)
Recording and Reporting the Supply of Unapproved Medicines under Section 29 of the Medicines Act (108M020) (pdf, 155 KB)
Medsafe Declaration/Notification Form for Medicines Supplied Pursuant to Section 29 of the Medicines Act 1981 (108E001) (pdf, 206 KB)
Unapproved Medicine Record (108F064) (pdf, 223 KB)
Policy for Issuing of Blood Components and Products as Stock to Non-Blood Bank Sites (111P086) (pdf, 141 KB)
Distribution and Supply of Plasma Derived Fractionated Blood Products and Recombinant Products in New Zealand (160P002) (pdf, 321 KB)
This policy statement sets out the role of the Manufacturers, NZBS and Users who require fractionated (purified processed) plasma products, or recombinant coagulation factor concentrates that are available through NZBS.
The Time Interval between Removal of Blood and Blood Components from Storage and Subsequent Infusion (111I031) (pdf, 149 KB)
This information document about blood components describes the maximum time intervals and required handling conditions between issuing from a Blood Bank and completion of transfusion, or return to a Blood Bank.
List of Fractionated Products and Recombinant Products Approved for Distribution (111D132) (pdf, 201 KB)
CSL Product Complaint Process Flowchart (111D135) (pdf, 8 KB)
The process is described for notifying NZBS of any adverse reactions to blood products manufactured by CSL or other manufacturers.

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