Coagulation factors

The following page provides:

  • Datasheets with information regarding human coagulation factors supplied by NZBS
  • A monograph with detailed information for prescribers of:

Coagulation Factors
Data Sheet - FEIBA (111S013) (pdf, 142 KB)
Data Sheet - Biostate - Freeze-dried Human Coagulation Factor VIII (160S003) (pdf, 851 KB)
Biostate®:. Human Coagulation Factor VIII and von Willebrand factor
Data Sheet - Thrombotrol - VF Antithrombin III Concentrate (Human) (160S012) (pdf, 760 KB)
Data Sheet - RiaSTAP® (160S016) (pdf, 603 KB)
Deviation from 160S016 v04 (pdf, 226 KB)
Data Sheet - Prothrombinex-VF (160S031) (pdf, 724 KB)
Prothrombin Complex, Concentrate of factors II, IX and X.

Information for prescribers

CSL has introduced its 'Mix2Vial™ Improved Reconstitution System' For Coagulation Factor Concentrates.

The 'Mix2Vial™ Improved Reconstitution System' is a double ended all-plastic filter transfer set, designed for use with CSL Biotherapies’s range of freeze-dried plasma-derived therapeutic products.

The Mix2Vial™ is packaged with water for injection in glass vials and is colour coded for ease of use. The blue adaptor attaches to the water for injection in glass vials. The clear adaptor attaches to the product vial.

For more information and instructions for using the new filter transfer set please go to the CSL(external link) website.

All coagulation factor and inhibitor concentrates are supplied with the Mix2Vial™ filter transfer set and water for injection in glass vials. This system is to be used for quickly and easily adding the water to dissolve freeze dried coagulation factors or Antithrombin.

NZBS Transfusion Nurse Specialists are available in the larger Hospitals to assist with providing educational material on use of the Mix2Vial™ system and can provide copies of a video (in DVD or CD-ROM format) that shows the reconstitution process.

You may need to download Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. It is available free from the Adobe site(external link).

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