Clinical policies and procedures

Clinical policies and procedures
Informed Consent for Transfusion - NZBS Policy (111P005) (pdf, 13 KB)
Consent for Use of Blood Products (111F131) (pdf, 73 KB)
NZBS Dispensing Policy (111P001) (pdf, 322 KB)
Dispensing of Interchangeable Blood Products (111D003) (pdf, 241 KB)
Directed Donations - NZBS Policy (111P066) (pdf, 32 KB)
Agreement to Provide Directed Blood Donation(s) (111F066a) (pdf, 27 KB)
Consent of Recipient/Parent/Guardian to Accept Directed Blood Donation(s) (111F066b) (pdf, 126 KB)
Distribution and Supply of Plasma Derived Fractionated Blood Products and Recombinant Products in New Zealand (160P002) (pdf, 321 KB)
List of Fractionated Products and Recombinant Products Approved for Distribution (111D132) (pdf, 201 KB)
NZBS Terms and Conditions Relating to Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Products (111P019) (pdf, 270 KB)
Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Product (111M019) (pdf, 359 KB)
Request from Treating Clinician for Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Product (111F019) (pdf, 146 KB)
Request for Blood Bank Tests and Blood Components or Products (111F018) (pdf, 195 KB)
Recording and Reporting the Supply of Unapproved Medicines under Section 29 of the Medicines Act (108M020) (pdf, 155 KB)
Medsafe Declaration/Notification Form for Medicines Supplied Pursuant to Section 29 of the Medicines Act 1981 (108E001) (pdf, 206 KB)
Unapproved Medicine Record (108F064) (pdf, 223 KB)
Acute Transfusion Reaction (ATR) - Notification to Blood Banks Form (111F009) (pdf, 593 KB)
Managing Notification of Adverse Reactions to Fractionated Blood Products (111M003) (pdf, 287 KB)
Fractionated Blood Product - Adverse Event Notification (111F003) (pdf, 205 KB)
Clinical Follow Up of Platelets Returning Initial Positive Results for Bacterial Contamination (111M012) (pdf, 178 KB)
Exceptional Release of Non-Conforming Platelet Component (111F024) (pdf, 243 KB)
CSL Product Complaint Process Flowchart (111D135) (pdf, 8 KB)
Blood Component Support of Rh(D) Negative Individuals (111P032) (pdf, 375 KB)
NZBS Policy on the Use of Fresh Blood (111P074) (pdf, 144 KB)
NZBS Policy on the Provision of CMV Antibody Negative Blood Components (111P067) (pdf, 119 KB)
Notification of a Special Blood Component Requirement (111F047) (pdf, 261 KB)
Policy for Collection and Transfusion of Granulocytes (111P049) (pdf, 138 KB)
Policy for the Documentation of Procedural Information for Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures (111P056) (pdf, 127 KB)
NZBS Policy on Collection and Cryopreservation of Haematopoietic Progenitor Cell (HPC), Cord Blood (HPC, Cord Blood) for Directed HPC Transplantation (111P007) (pdf, 263 KB)
Haemovigilance Policy (111P010) (pdf, 151 KB)
Management of Clinical Requests for Non-Standard Blood Components (111P011) (pdf, 129 KB)
Request for a Non-Standard Component (111F054) (pdf, 126 KB)

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