Transfusion medicine

NZBS is committed to developing and maintaining consistent, national standards covering all aspects of transfusion medicine practice. This requires active collaboration with Clinicians and other health care professionals involved in the field, both within NZBS and in NZ Hospitals and other Health Services. NZBS staff who have Clinical Specialist and Quality roles are the key leaders involved in developing consistent policies and procedures at all sites.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published recommendations on the development of National Policies and Guidelines on the clinical use of blood. These recommendations were used as a reference point for policy development by NZBS.

A cornerstone of achieving good standards of all areas of work lies in finding and correcting problems and deficiencies.  To achieve this, NZBS has established a national system for reporting incidents that affect the quality of our products and services. The system has been introduced at all sites involved in collecting, handling or supplying blood for transfusion and in the support sections of NZBS. Consistent approaches to reporting are improving overall quality and safety.

NZBS takes responsibility for co-ordinating the development of evidence-based national guidelines for the clinical use of blood. NZBS is acting as the facilitator for this process, ensuring that clinicians involved in direct patient care are actively involved.

Full details of our Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Blood Products and Clinical Services to Major Private Healthcare Providers and District Health Boards are also available.

Download documents

Download documents from the NZBS Clinical Compendium using the links below.

The documents in the NZBS Clinical Compendium are available in PDF format. To open the documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader(external link).

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