Technical services


Welcome to the 'Technical Services' (NZBS hospital Blood Banks and Reference Laboratory) section of the NZBS website.

This area is aimed at medical, nursing and laboratory staff who use the scientific, technical and manufacturing services of NZBS and who require further information about these services.

Who are we?

With a focus on delivery of our products and services to the key customers of NZBS (DHBs, private health providers, patients and the hospital staff who provide their care), NZBS Technical Services is comprised of the following teams:

  • Donation accreditation
    Blood group and test blood donation samples for infectious diseases to ensure that blood components are safe to transfuse.
  • Blood processing
    Process whole blood and apheresis donations into their various components for patient use.
  • Blood Banks
    Perform pretransfusion testing and crossmatching of patient samples to ensure compatibility between the patient and blood components selected for transfusion.
  • Reference Laboratory
    Provide an immunohaematology referral service to the blood banks, clinical and community laboratories.
  • Tissue typing
    Determine the compatibility of patients and potential donors prior to organ transplantation.
  • Tissue banking
    Provide donated tissue (bone and skin) and related services.

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