Our Brand

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Our vision is to be the provider of blood services for New Zealand recognised for excellence in meeting the needs of donors, patients, staff and the wider healthcare community.

Our brand is more than just a logo or a colour. Our brand is an idea that lives in people's minds.  Our brand is what donors and recipients think and feel about us when they see our TV ad; when they read William Pike's motivating story on our recruitment poster; when they see the blood donation information we give them; when they go online to make an appointment and even the smile and 'thank-you' we give them as they go out the door after donating.

Consistency is key.  When all the different aspects of a person's contact with us are consistent, it makes it very easy for that person to form a positive, lasting impression about the New Zealand Blood Service in their own minds.  This is what will help us achieve our vision.

NZBS Brand Manual
Brand Manual (pdf, 4.9 MB)

The Brand Manual includes guidelines and rules for the visual identity of the New Zealand Blood Service logo and brand

The brand guidelines are maintained by the New Zealand Blood Service Marketing Department.  Please contact us for permission to use our brand or if you have any questions and would like any advice on interpreting or using the guidelines or any of the other campaigns available.

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