Ministers relevant to NZBS

The Responsible Minister for the New Zealand Blood Service is the Hon. Dr David Clark, Minister of Health. The Associate Ministers of Health are: Hon. Jenny Sales and Hon. Julie Anne Genter.

In accordance with the Public Health and Disability Act 2000(external link) and Crown Entities Act 2004(external link), the following responsibilities apply to the responsible Minister of the New Zealand Blood Service:

The role of the responsible Minister is to oversee and manage the Crown's interests in, and relationship with the New Zealand Blood Service, and to exercise any statutory responsibilities given to the Minister, including functions, and powers -

  1. in relation to the appointment and removal of Board members
  2. to determine the remuneration of some Board members
  3. in relation to the giving of directions to the entity
  4. to review the operations and performance of the entity
  5. to request information from the entity, whether for a review or otherwise:
  6. to participate in the process of setting and monitoring the entity's strategic direction and targets
  7. in relation to other matters in the Crown Entities Act 2004 or another Act.

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